Letter from George Marshall to Robert Owen

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Manuscript letter, in which Marshall outlines the growing interest in Owen's plans. He writes of the Trades Unions in Lancashire and Yorkshire are looking at the "Banks" [Labour Exchange] in London and Birmingham with "dense anxiety", although the Unions have yet to commit any money to "further our views".

Marshall is keen to persuade the rich to join them, and believes one means of achieving this would be if those involved with setting-up the exchange in Birmingham recommend Manchester do the same. Such a suggestion would be received with "good tendency" and would entice the rich to assist by showing them they are capable " without their assistance".

Marshall writes of recently returning from Barnsley, whilst there he met the "Cooperators" - all of whom are "good fellows", and who aim to start a Labour Exchange in the next 2 months; they expect to have established them "through Yorkshire" in 3 months.

Owen is reminded once again that there is no place "where you [Owen] can do so much good as Manchester".


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