Letter from Robert Alger to Robert Owen

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Manuscript letter from Alger addressed to Owen at the home of Mons. Gay, Paris. Alger advises Owen that he has forwarded him a number of books and papers as requested, but the charters which he also requested are not present as they have yet to receive any from Manchester.

Reference is made to The Community Fund Society, with Alger writing it appears to be "doing well in the country". However, the preliminaries have yet to be settled in London.

It is noted that the Burton Rooms [Burton Street, London] are yet to show a profit, and this despite two Marylebone election meetings being held there. However, Alger remains hopeful and notes that "in a week or two" the rooms will be also be used during the day for "our young children" under the management of some "amicable and well informed young lady".

Owen's speeches in Paris are discussed, with mention made of problems with language and differences of habit mooted [for a poor response], despite Alger admitting he has not seen the French newspapers to assess the response

The letter closes by reference being made to the ongoing elections in England, with Alger noting that the Tories appear to be doing well - "especially in the country".


Stamped number: 940

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