Letter from Pierre Baume to Robert Owen

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In this manuscript letter Baume offers Owen advice for travel in France. He instructs Owen to take Bank of England notes and explains how to transport them securely. He encloses £10 for travelling expenses - an additional £40 will be available upon request.

Baume has been "informed that you said I was totally unworthy of confidence." He defends his commitment to co-operation; he explains that an offer of £500 for a school on Charlotte Street was intended "only for that special purpose." He cites his "experimental garden" and promises to invest £3000 in community shares "the moment I see it can be done efficiently."

He informs Owen that, "I know that you may privately feel the utmost sympathy and even respect for me, while ostensibly you may, perhaps, fancy you must avoid any connection with me on account of my conduct."

Baume assures Owen that his correspondence from the continent will be "most scrupulously attended to."


Stamped number: 920


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