Letter from Richard Oastler to Robert Owen

Scope and Content

Manuscript letter, in which Oastler declines Owen's invitation to attend a meeting called at Manchester for the 25th November. At this meeting Owen intends to call for an 8 hour working day and Oastler believes this would do "more harm than good" and cites a number of reasons for this view. Oastler has proposed a cut to 10 hours himself, and explains that, while he could never argue against an 8 hours' bill, he would need to be convinced by voting majorities at Public Meetings to switch from his campaign for 10 hours to the one Owen has begun for 8.

Oastler closes by writing that he hopes "Lancashire takes the lead" and if they do he is sure that "Yorkshire men will not be backward in coming forward".

On the reverse, a note, signed R.O., states that it is impossible to meet at Bradford and "we have said all we can say".


Stamped number: 668