Letter from C. Geo. Allhusen to Robert Owen

Scope and Content

Manuscript letter in which Allhusen indicates he is desirous of attending a meeting of "all Unionists" arranged by Owen at St. Martins, Long Acre, London on the 14th May.

Discussion turns to a copy of Millennial Gazette Allhusen has received and he comprehensively refers to the points with which he does not agree, whilst admitting he does agree with the majority of it.

Also included is a "sketch" composed by Allhusen entitled "People's League of Universal Union - Property alike to all mankind" which details thoroughly Allhusen's problems with society as it stands and offers his solutions. A copy of this "sketch" had been sent to Holyoake House, 147 Fleet Street requesting them to publish it.


Stamped number: 2745