Letter from Robert Dale Owen to Caroline Owen, Mary Owen and Ann Owen

Scope and Content

Manuscript letter, in which Robert Dale explains his endeavours of the last ten months have been directed towards just "one great object" - the carrying through of State Legislations which would instigate a scheme for a "National System of Education". Robert Dale, along with a number of other independent newspaper editors including Frances Wright, wish to "reform the abuses that pervade this country [America]".

Robert Dale explains that the proposed education system will be maintained by the state and be free to all those who so wish to send their children. He believes such a measure would cure the "grievous evils" found in America. Public attention has been "aroused" and the people of America [who are able to vote] will soon not elect any representative who does not support the scheme.

The letter closes with Robert Dale writing of being requested by the people of Boston to deliver a course of lectures on the subject of the education system. That this request was made, and the arrangements and expenses taken care of, is evidence of the interest in the subject of education at present.


Stamped number: 176