Letter from Samuel Austin to Robert Owen

Scope and Content

Manuscript letter opening with Atkins telling Owen he is "at a loss" of how to draw up a report as requested by Owen, due to the report he received from the Committee [of the Labour Exchange, London] being so different from what was stated by the committee members 3 months previous. Reference is made to the seemingly perilous nature of financial matters at the exchange, with Atkins writing that "from the account now furnished, however, it appears that all the money which has been collected in every way has been expended, and that there remains a considerable debt" adding that it may be for the best that "the whole concern [be] wound up as soon as possible". The letter concludes by urging Owen to take immediate steps to ensure the account is paid, and also the rent is settled otherwise the premises will be "saddled with these claims once the term has expired".


Stamped number: 700