Letter from William King to Robert Owen

Scope and Content

Manuscript letter, opens with King writing of attending regular meetings with like-minded friends who have determined to "offer their services" in the form of an annual amount noted in an enclosed paper (not present). The money, King explains, is to be used in a practical way to support the Liverpool Street Institution [London].

At the meetings a conversation took place concerning the provision of hot water via "pipes and cocks" to wherever it was needed [in a building], and therefore would eradicate "confusion at tea parties". Further discussion regarding tea, coffee and the provision of refreshments at soirées [at the Institution] follows.

The letter closes with discussion of the proposed Labour Department [Labour Exchanges], with King voicing the concern he and his friends felt at the little notice taken of the idea at a recent meeting. They believe Exchanges to be an important means of raising money, allowing Owen to become a "Benefactor [to] what kind of Human Beings you [Owen] likes". King provides details the prospective money to be made by such a venture.


Stamped number: 458