Letter from John Howe to Robert Owen

Scope and Content

Manuscript letter: Howe informs Owen that he mistook an advertisement of a proposed lecture on socialism to be given by Owen, to be a lecture by Robert Dale Owen. Howe wrote to Dale Owen to "encourage him" and was informed by a reply of his mistake. He is now taking the opportunity to write to Owen.

Owen is informed that people are attempting to form a number of associations in the area, but there is "no congruity, no system, no power, no wealth among the philanthropists and sufferers." Howe also states that there are five newspapers in Massachusetts that are devoted to labour, but "still we want more light, than can be communicated from these solitary individual efforts."

After stating that various groups, such as editors and printers, should naturally be joining together in associations in order to improve society and conditions, Howe asks Owen whether he knows of possible sources of capital to establish these associations.

On a separate sheet of paper is a letter from Howe to Robert Dale Owen, thanking him for his "kind reply" and enclosing the letter to Robert Owen.


Stamped number: 1349