Letter from John Finch to Robert Owen

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This manuscript letter opens with Finch explaining he has enclosed his Code of Laws which are to be implemented at Queenwood Community [Hampshire, England]; Owen is asked for any suggestions and to make any alterations he sees fit; copies of rules from "Branch A1 [of the Rational Society] are asked for, so that Finch may copy them, and forward a copy to both Queenwood and the Central Board [of the Rational Society]

Reference is made to the conviction [for sedition] of [James] Bronterre O'Brien with Finch writing that he is currently locked in Kirkdale Gaol, but his length of imprisonment has yet to be determined; Finch believes it a "great pity the Government will go on with their prosecutions I think their vengeance ought by this time to be satisfied", adding he thinks the Government, by their actions, are "laying up for themselves a store of wrath that will fall upon them when they least expect it". Owen is asked to appeal to Queen Victoria and Prince Albert in the hope thay will free all prisoners held on "political offences", and, in return, those released shall promise not to seek their rights by the use of physical force; such a move would "do more to put down Chartism than all the penal Laws ever proposed in Parliament".


Stamped number: 1271

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