Letter from William Pare to Robert Owen

Scope and Content

In this manuscript letter, William Pare asks Robert Owen for news of any progress he has made respecting estates in Hampshire and Norfolk. If he has not been successful, Pare implores Owen to enquire about an estate in Shropshire, advertised in the Herald. Also, he should enquire about another property near New Forest, Hampshire.

Pare explains that they are preparing for congress and are awaiting Owen's arrival. Pare updates him on the progress made regarding the congress: they have secured rooms and are trying to get Birmingham Town Hall for further events.

Pare then relays to Owen the dreadful treatment that one of their speakers in Walsall was the victim of, by "a large mob who dragged him from the hustings in the Lecture Room; they burnt his hat, a number of books and tore this coat from his back." He intends to get the bottom of the attack, publishing something in the New Moral World and holding "a grand public Meeting upon the subject next week". If Owen meets with their "excellent friend Allsop, tell him I hope his friend Fisk the Curator of Walsall Church is not at the bottom of the affray".


Stamped number: 1100