Letter from Robert Dale Owen to Robert Owen

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In this manuscript letter, Robert Dale writes he is thankful the steamer [to England] does not sail until the weekend as it allows him to give Owen " a very important document" to place in the hands of Sir Robert Peel. The document (not present) is known as Webster's Manifesto, and it relates to the 'Oregon question' (a dispute over the division of that state between America and Britain).

Discussion of Robert Dale's view on the 'Oregon question' follow and he asserts that if the British government cannot be persuaded how things actually stand by reading Webster's Manifesto (and from other correspondence to Lord Aberdeen) then "neither would they be persuaded through[?] one rose from the dead"

Manuscript summaries outlining the British position in regard to the question of Oregon as of 26 August 1844 and the American position as of 12 July 1845 are present.


Stamped number: 1456

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