Letter from Thomas Allsop to Robert Owen

Scope and Content

In this manuscript letter discussion centres on the revolutionary events in France. Allsop offers his thoughts on some of the leading protagonists; he thinks La Martine (Lamartine) has great aims in mind and feels that he “purses them in a worthy manner”, whilst Louis Blanc has "immense difficulties to surmount". Allsop believes the Revolution must be complete, insisting “private property must be at once and for ever annihilated", and adds he holds these views as "one who has seen much, reflected and mediated more often on Revolutions”. Allsop wishes he was in France with Owen whilst he carries out his "sacred work".

Recent events in Ireland and England are also discussed, with Allsop believing it likely that Owen will have received a “bad account” of what has been happening. Here the [British] Government are dismissed as being “wholly at fault”, with Allsop describing them as being “at sea without chart, rudder or compass ignorant of the tides and currents”.


Stamped number: 1594

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