Letter from Pierre Baume to Robert Owen

Scope and Content

Manuscript letter: Baume's translation of a letter from Jules Gay to Robert Owen. Gay presses for Owen's departure for Paris; he has made "promises" on Owen's behalf and "excited a great deal of attention among socialists." He informs Owen that many "useful persons" are leaving Paris; others remain to see Owen. Gay believes that "moral and material preparation" is necessary: "drawing our brothers out of a state of misery." But, he warns that "every instant lets depart from us precious beings."

In a postscript Baume reiterates Gay's calls for a swift departure; any papers from Scotland will be forwarded to Paris for Owen's signature. Baume states his "unbounded devotion to our sacred cause" and "love for Mr. Owen." He has "not a particle of influence" with Owen, but his "present position" makes him "the most fit agent for the translation of all Socialist's business." Baume writes that he is confined "on principle" to observe the working of the laws - "being here for...an alleged damage I never committed."

Gay's original letter is enclosed.


Stamped number: 916