Letter from Henry Travis to Robert Owen

Scope and Content

This manuscript letter opens with Travis explaining that he and his associates are "most anxious" to confer with Owen about Tytherley as there is a "feeling and expectation among all the branches of the Society [Universal Community Society of Rational Religionists] which makes it most desirable"; if nothing is heard "much dissatisfaction" will result.

The ongoing quarrel regarding the intended launch of the Social Reformer newspaper follows, with Travis explaining to Owen they "cannot go ahead without your presence amongst us", adding "other considerations" than what is best for "the Cause" are in play; Fleming says its launch will "destroy the New Moral World".

Travis writes of [John] Brindley being "at his old tricks of lying and misrepresentation" and of hoping that the "Liverpool Christians would never let the Hall [of Science] to be built". [John] Finch had a [?blaze] with Brindley at a public meeting which led to Finch being turned out "Vi et armis".

The letter closes with Travis writing of the doubt lingering about the [?] of the fund to pay the salaries of the Missionaries as they believe it would be "inadequate" by the end of the year. he remarks that the branches [of the U.C.S.R.R.] are more inclined to "receive than to give".