Letter from William S. Peters to Robert Owen

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In this copy manuscript letter (not written in Peters' hand) Peters writes he is going to explain to Owen means by which he can do more practical good.

Peters notes himself as "the founder of an English Colony" which is situated in the Northern and Eastern Texas. Along with his sons, other Englishmen and some Americans who have helped setting up the colony they wish to invite Owen to establish a Community "on as large a scale" as he may please. Here Owen and the Community could take advantage of the "immeasurable advantages of this soil, temperature and climate".

Owen has been sent a prospectus in an attempt to convince him to match Peters' interest in "this great work". A work already having found much favour in Torquay, Devon with the forming of an Association from which agriculturalists, botanists, builders. mechanics. labourers etc had visited the colony that spring.


Stamped number: 1529

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