Measures for obviating the necessity for Poor rates in Ireland, signed by James Emerson

Scope and Content

This manuscript statement consists of the fundamental principles of a scheme designed to alleviate the need for 'Poor rates in Ireland'. It is written by Emerson in his position as Secretary for a [unnamed] Society, and on behalf of a deputation consisting of F.D. Massey Dawson Esq., C.E. Bruce Esq., Robert Owen Esq., J.S. Vandeleur Esq., Erskine Perry Esq., Wm. Boutlbee Esq., and H.W. Mortimer Esq.

The statement outlines the desire of the 'Society' to form a National Company, to be created with a capital of 3 million [pounds] and which has the express aim of giving "suitable labour to all the unemployed and destitute poor in erecting their own dwellings, raising their own food, and providing for their own consumption all the necessaries of life".

It is explained that the proposed scheme is one modelled on one already proven "full and successful in the Poor Colonies of Holland" and evidence of this can be found in a report by Mr Jacob.

The statement was written to be presented to the Secretary of State for the Home Office.

Two copies of the letter are present.


Stamped number: 145, 429