Letter from Robert Owen to Caroline Owen and Daughters

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This manuscript letter opens with Owen thanking Caroline for sending a letter but gently admonishes her for giving money to [?Anne] Weaver, [Owen's sister], as this was "unnecessary".

Owen believes that his family will "rejoice" in the news that Mr [James Haldane] Stewart has been given the job of Rector of [Great] Ouseburn by the Lord Chancellor, which is worth some 2 or 300 [£] a year. Stewart and his family will leave for Liverpool from London on Tuesday week.

Owen writes he has 49 Bedford Square to himself since Mr John Walker has now left. He also tells of writing letters to the French Government and people, both of which have been published.

No news has been received from America and this has left Owen feeling "anxious" to hear if they [people at New Harmony] have escaped the warm weather as he read in the newspaper that the "Thermometer had been high in Philadelphia".


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