Letter from Alex Campbell to Robert Owen

Scope and Content

In this manuscript letter, Campbell opens by writing of taking a letter from Owen to a " Spirit Circle" in Luton who are interested in Owen's proceedings.

Discussion turns to Thomas Atkins; Campbell writes that he is now able to walk, but that he is "far from being a sound state of health", adding that there are those who feel Atkins is "touched in the head and running headlong to ruin" due to misappropriation of money on his Panorama. Campbell rebuffs this, and writes that Atkins "in his own energetic manner exposes their selfishness". In regard to the reports Owen hopes Atkins will take, Campbell states that Atkins is unable to afford 1000 at 3d each, but will take a number and distribute them - as will Campbell.

Closes by referring to the death of a Mr Coltman of Leicester, whose Will executors are asking for the £600 advanced by him as a mortgage on the "Stockport Hall" [Hall of Science]; Campbell says that Coltman intended to leave Owen some of his property, and writes that he is holding a letter of proof; asks Owen if he has heard anything of this matter.


Stamped number: 2352

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