Letter from E. T. Craig to Robert Owen

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This manuscript letter discusses the situation Craig finds himself faced with [?living and working]at a colony run by a Mr [William] Hobson at Wisbech, Cambridgeshire; he writes of the character of Hobson, and those he is surrounded and influenced by, stating they offer "no charity and justice" to those who differ from them.

Discussion of the management and possible future of the 'colony' follows, with Craig remarking on the inexperienced nature of the Trustees, who are also labelled as "irresponsible", and of Mr H[udson] being fickle, inexperienced and loath to lay down any plans [for the colony] and this path will cause the concern to become "a mere joint stock [company]" or become "bankrupt".

Craig closes by pondering what the future may hold for him - should he work for the "fame" of one or two individuals or "enter upon public ground and become a Social Missionary"; asks Owen for his advice on this matter.


Stamped number: 1132