Letter from W.C. Trevelyan to Robert Owen

Scope and Content

Manuscript letter: Trevelyan returns a book Owen sent to him in regards to his system, and informs him that he perused them carefully for as long as time allowed. He states that he supports a lot of the principles that Owen's system champions, in particular the need for more extensive education from infancy to adulthood. If Owen's system is going to have a chance of succeeding then the first aim should be to establish a number of model institutions that follow this plan of education.

But at the moment due to the "present state of mankind," Trevelyan believes that it is unlikely that this system "can be carried into effect on a large and indiscriminate scale," and it is likely that on a smaller scale it would fail also. But even with his reservations, Trevelyan promises he will do what he can to promote the establishment of schools for education from infancy to "manhood."


Stamped number: 1045.