Letter from Richard Oastler to Robert Owen

Scope and Content

In this manuscript letter Oastler writes of being presently very busy with work. Amongst his current tasks are publishing the pamphlet The Law and the Needle, writing several pages per day for 'Letter to the Millowners' and "keeping the press going" in Manchester. This is all in addition to his work as Steward at Fixby Hall; all in all enough work for "5 heads and 10 pairs of hands".

Oastler believes both he and Owen have "labour enough" before them and remarks he "cannot cease" until he dies.

The letter closes with Oastler stating he and his wife pray for Owen and wish to hear often from him.

Annotated in pencil on the rear is written "he himself told me he was a Moravian" and the initials "W.P." [William Pare].


Stamped number: 832

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