Letter from E. T. Craig to Robert Owen

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This manuscript letter opens with an introduction of Mr [Rowland] Detrosier the President and Principal Lecturer at the New Mechanics' Institute in Manchester, and whom Craig states is a friend; asks Owen to surround Detrosier in "cooperative circles whilst he is in London" so that he may be become an advocate of their "system".

Discussion turns to the [Co-operative] Congress to be held at Birmingham, with Craig writing that circumstances will prevent him from attending but that it is important that the "leaders of Cooperation in London would give these Congress Meetings their utmost support until they become established" as they could be "mighty moral streams through which the 'New Views' [of Society] might flow". Further discussion of Craig's thoughts on the proceedings of Congress follow.

Craig closes by mentioning an invite he received from J. S. Vandaleur [Vandeleur] to go to Ralahine, Co. Cork, Ireland and assist in his arrangements (to set up a agricultural 'Owenite' community); writes that "he goes with pleasure" as his "whole heart is with the cause"; asks Owen for information on the running of Infant Schools [so that he may set one up at Ralahine].

Craig signs the letter as the Corresponding Secretary to the Manchester Owenian Cooperative Society.


Stamped number: 143