Correspondence of Louis-Philippe I, King of the French

Scope and Content

This series contains draft copies of letters sent by Robert Owen to King Louis-Philippe I.

Administrative / Biographical History

Louis-Philippe (6 Oct 1773 – 26 Aug 1850) became the King of the French in 1830, with the overthrow of his cousin, Charles X, and the displacement of the senior branch of the House of Bourbon during the July Revolution. Louis-Philippe belonged to the junior branch of the Bourbon Dynasty, the House of Orléans, which was traditionally seen as more liberal. This liberal attitude was reflected in Louis-Philippe decision to adopt the title, "King of the French," as well as being a tactical maneuver to undercut the claims to the throne by Charles X and his family.

While Louis-Philippe was originally popular, his government lost support over time with the perception that his reign was becoming increasingly conservative and monarchical. Severe economic problems in 1847-48 brought events to ahead and he abdicated the throne in February 1848.