Letter from William Pare to Robert Owen

Scope and Content

In this manuscript letter, William Pare praises Robert Owen and expresses how pleased he is that Owen has encouraged a Mr Garwood and their friend [Henry] Travis to "unite with us in championing". He relays the success he is witnessing in Birmingham, with almost daily requests for lectures and writes he wishes they were better equipped to meet the high demand.

Pare relates to Owen the progress of Mr [Alexander] Campbell in the West who has been in "arranged discussion with a Solicitor of some standing" in Guildhall in Bath and then will be in Cheltenham.

Pare explains that they still don't have a place of their own in Birmingham.

He then asks Owen to sign the blank charters that he took from Birmingham to London and to give them to Mr. Fleming to bring home with him, as well as the large painting of Community that Mr Campbell requests.


Stamped number: 1049