Letter from Lawrence Pitkethly to Robert Owen

Scope and Content

This manuscript letter opens with Pitkethly informing Owen that whilst the "political agitation" in Huddersfield has "subsided a great degree" there are some hopes that [John] Blackburne, the MP for the town, is to "undergo change" and another election will be called. Pitkethly explains they have had a "organisation Missionary" and have formed a committee and is hopeful that things will "move on in a good way".

The letter continues with Pitkethly responding to Owen's charge that his "Patriotism" only extends as far his shop. He believes this accusation may have, in fact, come from the man who relayed the message, [Richard] Oastler, who can be "highly colouring" with his "relations and descriptions". If not, then he can prove he informed Oastler of his decision to leave his shop and enter upon a branch of trade that could not depend upon the "popular cause". He believed it was his duty "to support division among the friends and leaders" and hopes "that we can all be brought to work cordially for the public good".


Stamped number: 677