Letter from Robert Dale Owen to Robert Owen

Scope and Content

Manuscript letter opening with reference being made to the volatile political situation in Naples (where Robert lives). At present, despite the tensions, there is no expectation of any disturbance or "revolutionary movement". The British and French legations are due to leave but the combined fleet remains at Malta and Toulon. Anticipation is for another Paris Conference.

The Estate of the late Aunt Margaret is the subject of some concern for Robert Dale, and especially the sum due to the 'family'. The actual amount due will depend on a debt charged against 'R. Owen and Family' for the sum of £1,500 being considered; this sum, Robert Dale believes, ought to be written off it respect of money due to Owen for expenses incurred whilst Aunt Margaret stayed with the Owen family at Braxfield. It would appear any money received would be most welcome, as Robert Dale notes for Owen's benefit that "not one of your children, at this time, as an income exceeding £250".

Robert Dale remarks that before he dies he still hopes to "do some good" for his fellow creatures, but as yet it is unclear how best he can do this.


Stamped number: 2605

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