Letter from O. Macdaniel to Robert Owen

Scope and Content

Manuscript letter opening with Macdaniel writing of his recent return [to New York] from Boston, [Massachusetts]. Whilst in Boston he attended the [first] annual convention of the New England Fourier Society.

Macdaniel regrets Owen was unable to speak to the Hall [House] of Representatives, as it would "enlighten them a little upon the subject of their true functions and duties". However, Macdaniel believes "time is wasted upon them".

Further detailed discussion concerns Macdaniel and his friends attempts in effecting social reform in the United States, before the letter closes with Macdaniel referring to a visit he made to Brook Farm Association [for Industry and Education]. There he saw that the Association "exhibits in a high degree the great advantages & beauty of Associative life" and feels that "the spirit reigning there is that of true friendship and brotherly love".

The letter is written on paper carrying an advertisement for the Excelsior newspaper complete with the tag line "The Pictorial New World! The Largest, Handsomest and Cheapest Paper in the Union".


Stamped number: 1354