Letter from George Marshall to Robert Owen

Scope and Content

Manuscript letter, in which Owen is advised to visit Manchester to deliver a series of lectures. Marshall believes the current growth in Trade Unionism across the country and particularly in Manchester, the "fountain head" of the movement, offers the opportunity for Owen's lectures to be more effective than previously. An opportunity which "may not be offered again in our lifetime". Marshall notes the leaders in the unions to be "partly cooperators", and states their willingness to obtain the Mechanics Institute for Owen's lectures.

Marshall writes the Unions are "looking to Manchester", and are wanting to "hear further on Labour exchanges"; Owen must realise this is the "best possible time" to visit Manchester. He is "highly respected here by those who think different to us and we have many active co-operators who are furnishing the leaders of the Unions with such knowledge as we possess on Labour exchange, The Crisis etc".

The letter closes with Marshall mentioning he regularly visits the Cooperators School, Salford where a recent lecture was given on "Labour Exchange Banks". He believes more information is required on these before "anything practical" can be done. This is despite the previous evening's lecture being given by Mr [Edward Thomas] Craig from Ralahine, Ireland who furnished them with "valuable information".


Stamped number: 648