Letter from William Pare to Robert Owen

Scope and Content

In this letter, William Pare apologises to Robert Owen for not writing more frequently and congratulates him of the re-election of his son, "at which we all rejoice".

He then informs Owen of the little progress made regarding the Johnstone property and other formal happenings such as "the public sale and auction of the Harmony affairs which.. has been postponed."

He relates to death of a friend, Daniel ?, and writes of the favourable speech made by R Chambers to his "workpeople" and says that it is a sign of Owen's ideas "gaining ground in influential quarters".

Pare tells of a daily paper to be published, of which Charles Dickens is to be the editor. he then informs Owen of the break up of Sir R Peel's cabinet, due to the disagreement between Peel and the 1st Duke of Wellington regarding the repeal of the Corn Laws, of which Peel is in favour. He comments on John Russell's political career.


Stamped number: 1398