Letter from Robert Owen to Samuel Underhill

Scope and Content

This manuscript letter opens with Owen noting his pleasure in receiving Underhill's letter informing him of the current prosperous circumstances at Kendal Community, Stark County, Ohio; he "looks forward with satisfaction at its prosperity".

Owen indicates that he will leave New Harmony soon, and on his journey "eastward" he will endeavour to act on Underhill's invite and visit the community and check on how well the proceedings are going. He is not sure when this is likely to be, but offers mid-July as a possible arrival date.

In the remainder of the letter Owen refers to a proposed public discussion between himself and Alex Campbell, the editor of the Christian Baptist, on the points of difference between "religious and anti-religious systems". Owen writes that "incompetent" as he is [?in debating], he finds "great consolation" in the fact that any such "free discussion" will promote "the cause of Truth".


Stamped number: 126