Letter from Samuel Austin to Robert Owen

Scope and Content

Manuscript letter explaining that Mr Jagoe feels it is the wrong time for [William] Pare to travel to Ireland, as it would take him two or three weeks to "get anything done"; Jagoe advises to wait until he returns to Ireland and arranges a definite time for Pare to visit. Owen is asked to write to Pare on the subject.

Austin then writes on matters at the labour Exchange, explaining that he has paid a Mr Turner £12, but hasn't given him any more as he is "really afraid to part with what little money I [Austin] have got lest we should not get money enough for the rent day"; Mr Henderson has been to Birmingham aiming to arranging some exchanges between there and London - with Atkins hoping that this may "prove mutually advantageous"; hopes to see Owen in the next few days and that he brings "a budget full of good news".


Stamped number: 598