Letter from A. N. Novell to Robert Owen

Scope and Content

Manuscript letter in which Novell describes the changes that have taken place in Mexico since the departure of Poinsett [the first American Minister to Mexico, who was recalled in 1830, a physician and botanist who sent home samples of the winter-blooming plant found in an area of southern Mexico, which came to be known as 'poinsettia'] and the elevation to power of Anastio Bustamante [President of Mexico three times, from 1830-1832, 1837-1839 and 1839-1841].

Novell describes the men who Bustamante has appointed to his government, including Alaman [Lucas Ignacio Alaman y Escalada, a Mexican scientist, politician, historian and writer] for Home and Foreign departments; and Teran [General Manuel de Mier y Teran, a Mexican general involved in the Mexican and Texan revolutions] for War. He also tells Owen about two other men appointed to the administration - Marfino for Finance and Esfinoia de los Monteros for justice and ecclesiastical affairs. Marfino had been one of the Treasurers General and at one time President of the Congress, and is described as being well-informed, 'exceedingly gentlemanly' and "liked by all"; whilst Esfinoia is a "quiet man who made himself no enemy."


Stamped number: 206