Letter from John Finch to Robert Owen

Scope and Content

Manuscript letter opening with Owen requested to write a letter of introduction to Mr Walker of New Lanark for the son of one on Finch's friends.

Finch writes of the Great Exhibtion to be held in London in 1851, and in particular the design of the building. One particular design (to be entered into the competition to decide the design) by Rich[ar]d Turner[?] from Dublin is intended to be larger than Owen's [community buildings], formed in a square, built from iron and glass and comprise of "immense sheds 200 and 300 feet span each consisting of a immense arched roof without any other supports"; the cost is roughly calculated to be £300,000.

Finch believes Queen Victoria and Prince Albert made an error when donating only £1000 and £500 respectively as, in doing so, they unwittingly set a cap on other donations, with nobody willing to donate more than the Queen and Prince; believes £5000 would have been a better donation for the Royal couple to make.


Stamped number: 2019