Letter from Henry L. Pratt to Robert Owen

Scope and Content

Manuscript letter, which opens with discussion of Owen's efforts as regards the "Factory Bill". Pratt remarks of wondering what the "fanatics" will say when finding out one individual [Owen] has done more for the "White Slaves" than the "much boasted Reformed House [of Commons].

The letter continues with Pratt detailing the progress made by him and his associates with the co-operative society they have recently set-up in the area. He notes if they "shall not have five hundred [attendees]" they will not be far off and the "rapidity with which they are flocking to our Standard" leads Pratt to believe they will soon number 1000.

Despite making such good progress, Pratt believes the venture to be successful requires Owen's backing, his "advice" and "practical experience", particularly as a number of local "money[e]d men" were only interested in putting together a "manufactory" for their own benefit. Owen is asked to attend a meeting to be held the following Tuesday at the American, Cobridge.


Stamped number: 613