Letter from Alex Campbell to Robert Owen

Scope and Content

Manuscript letter written by Campbell whilst in Hamilton Jail. Campbell writes of reading in the Glasgow Herald of Owen's intention of staying in America, [at New Harmony] and asks for an account of Owen's experiences there and "how this experience there may have suggested to you in the commencement of a Co-operative system".

Discussion turns to the failure of Orbiston, and Campbell's belief that this was only a "partial experiment" [in Owen's system], and success can be achieved with further attempts.

Campbell proceeds to consider the form communities should take in the future and affirms his commitment to change society writing that "any communities should avail themselves of 'Acts of Legislation' in favour of Friendly Societys", adding that "in the event of liberation [from prison]" he intends to "engage in some plan or other for the furtherment of a system which under all circumstances I am fully persuaded is as for superior to the present system of society as Knowledge is Superior to Ignorance"


Stamped number: 85