Letter from Alex Campbell to Robert Owen

Scope and Content

In this manuscript letter Campbell informs Owen that Thomas Atkins will be unable to see him for a while, as he has injured his leg and cannot currently leave home. If Owen wishes to contact Atkins, then Campbell can pass on any message.Talk turns to Campbell wishing to know of Owen's plans regarding a meeting to be held on 14th May of the following year, writing that "when the Spirit Will enable you to write I shall be glad to receive...through you as its Medium".

Loose with the letter is a prospectus of the Industrial and Provident Moral, Scientific and Educational Association. This is proposed to be set up by Thomas Atkins, with the objective being to "educate the youth of both sexes in the practical duties of life, and thereby contribute to their own maintenance, as well as the general prosperity of the Nation".


Stamped number: 2328