Letter from George Mudie to Robert Owen

Scope and Content

This manuscript letter opens with Mudie explaining he has enclosed a Prospectus (not present) and believes it important that Owen receives it before leaving Dublin. Mudie expressed the "great pleasure" he feels in seeing the progress Owen has made in Ireland, although he believes at the meetings at Waterford and Cork some answers Owen gave may prove "injurious" to the cause; the Glasgow Courier has already "scurrilously attacked" Owen for them.

Further detailed discussion of plans to establish a community follow, and in particular the payment of rents by those living in the community.

Mudie then writes of the "great progress" he sees being made in London in converting "numerous persons" to [Owen's] principles, adding he feels it is through political economy that Owen's system "must triumph". He also tells of a number of political economists attending his regular lectures with the sole purpose of "overthrowing" his propositions; all have left "satisfied with their truth, and confounded by the new light which bursts upon them".

Mudie closes by stating he has long been "completely satisfied of the utter falsehood of all religion and for the absolute necessity for its downfall" but believes that any attack religion through the press at this point in time would be "premature".


Stamped number: 25

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