Letter from Lloyd Jones to Robert Owen

Scope and Content

Manuscript letter on the reverse of a printed address.

In this manuscript letter Jones informs Owen of a plan to set-up of a co-operative infants school in Salford. He explains, on behalf of the Salford Co-operative Institution, that inspiration was gained having been "strongly impressed" by Owen's doctrines and the desire to promulgate them. Jones explains that an adult school already exists, and the scheme to establish the infant school will proceed despite the "strenuous" opposition from those who wished to hinder the "emancipation from the reign of ignorance" [for the working classes].

Jones asks Owen to be present at the Quarterly Meeting due to be held late May, as this would both "accelerate our project" and satisfy friends in Manchester and Bolton who are "anxious" for his arrival.

Jones believes Owen must feel pleasure in seeing the "principles of the social system" spreading in Salford and remarks that the most pleasing aspect of their endeavours is the "implanting of these principles in the Infant mind".

The printed address discusses the successful establishment of an [adult] school in Salford four years earlier, and outlines the intention of the school's "senior scholars" of setting up a "more extensive" institution so that "others may receive the same benefits as themselves". The rationale of the original scheme, the methods of teaching used in the adult school, the subjects taught and benefits gained are all detailed before a plea for assistance with the new scheme is made.

The address closes with a list of individuals to whom donations and subscriptions can be made.


Stamped number: 774

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