Letter from Alex Campbell to Robert Owen

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Manuscript letter opening with reference made being to Mr [Thomas] Atkins' affairs; he has been invited to a Society of Arts meeting to present his plans for applying "steam power to the Cultivation of the Land"; has founded a Gas Company [Thomas Atkins and Son Co.] in Chepstow, Wales and will erect a works there; Mr [Pierre] Baume has revoked the Will he placed in the hands of Atkins (which was to be used by him to build an educational facility, which has not been forthcoming), instead Atkins left 1 acre of land if he desires. Campbell describes the withdrawal of the Will by Baume, who was noted for offering money and not fulfilling his promise, as an "act in the anti-social drama which was predicted and anticipated".

Discussion moves to Campbell's belief of the need for "a Social Missionary Staff...as formerly", which should be employed as a means of relaying to the public Owen's broad range of ideas and principles.


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