Letter from Mr. Taylor to William Pare, and from William Pare to Mr Taylor

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In the manuscript letter dated 18 Jan, Joseph Smith and Mr. Taylor relate to Pare that they are meeting with opposition in the form of the Clergy who are "lecturing and sermonising against us on all sides". They explain that the debates have brewed much interest from the public, and that such "discussion of the facts in a spirited manner must enhance the knowledge of Mr Owen's principles in a high degree". One of their greatest opponents is Mr Roebuck. They ask Pare to come to Manchester and speak out in a meeting and to "bear a part in this glorious conflict".

In the copy of the manuscript letter dated 6 Feb, William Pare writes to Mr Taylor to inform him that he cannot attend the meeting with Mr Taylor and Mr Smith as he is to give evidence at Parliament within the next few months and may be called up any time. He shares his enthusiasm for the debate.


Stamped number: 369

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