Letter from George Mudie to Robert Owen

Scope and Content

Manuscript letter opening with prolonged discussion regarding the circumstances leading to Mudie and Owen falling out, particularly in relation to Owen refusing to appoint Mudie to the board of the The Philanthropic Society

A prolonged and detailed discussion of Mudie's considerable misgivings towards Owen's views and methods follows, in which he writes that he endeavoured to retrieve both Owen and the co-operative cause from the consequence of Owen's "errors", but he believes that "the cause of co-operation if it has not been entirely ruined [it] has been retarded by your [Owen's] mischievous efforts".

Mudie continues, making a passionate denial of any accusations put to him by Owen in a previous regarding his "habits". He asserts he leads a "strictly sober, regular and virtuous life, with the virtuous and truly excellent woman to whom I am united" and he can provide many individuals able to vouch for this.


Stamped number: 1668