Letter from Robert Owen to William Allen

Scope and Content

Manuscript letter sent from Owen to Allen from New Harmony, Indiana, in which Owen provides comprehensive details of the purchase of New Harmony and outlines his hopes for the success of his ideas of society within the United States.

In terms of New Harmony, Owen informs Allen that the purchase has only just been concluded, a number of bills in variety of denominations were drawn up which, in total, he believes to be £21,000 - although Owen does not have the paperwork with him to confirm this. Owen informs Allen that the members of the Rapp community (from whom the land was bought), are due to leave soon and from them he has secured their livestock, tools and implements and a store of goods - all of which can be bought on credit if required.

Owen believes the United States, or at least the states west of the Allegheny Mountains, are prepared in a "remarkable manner for the New System" adding that "the principal of union and cooperation for the promotion of all the ? and for the creation of wealth is now universally admitted to be far superior to the individual selfish system and all seem prepared or are rapidly preparing to give up the latter and adopt the former. In fact the whole of this country is ready to commence a new empire upon the principle of public property and to discard the private property". Such is Owen's confidence, he remarks that "it seems highly probable that in this state, Illinois, Ohio and Pensilvania a dozen more communities with full numbers will be organised and ready to commence proceedings I believe the whole of the district north of the Ohio river consisting all the free states will be ripe for the change before the end of the year 1827".


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