Letter from Henry Travis to Robert Owen

Scope and Content

In this manuscript letter Travis write of his pleasure in hearing that Owen intends to bring out the Social Reformer newspaper, but wonders if Owen has overcome the financial "difficulties" arising from the "dissentient" among them. The nature of the paper's content is discussed, with Travis believing that a paper entirely "Owenian" will be most effective while [William] Pare is of the view it should not be "openly social".

After receiving a letter from [John] Finch, Travis has concluded that his "heart and soul" in is the Tytherley business but warns caution should be given in regard to the out-sourcing of funds.

The letter closes with an update of recent events in Birmingham where the absence of [William] Pare on his "other engagements" has forced Travis and his associates to "act without him", though this has caused them to be "impeded and embarrassed".


Stamped number: 1172