Letter from James Lowe to Robert Owen

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In this manuscript letter James Lowe informs Robert Owen of a meeting that took place in Salford by a society that supports Owen's new social system. Lowe goes into detail the resolutions that were passed by the members of that meeting.

The first resolution states that the "time is now arrived" for a new state of society to be founded, which will be based on the "most correct principles of Human nature," which will abolish "poverty, crime and misery for ever."

The second resolution states that advocates of these principles should do everything in their power to support and promote the propagation of these ideas in society.

The third resolution states that people need to work together to help promote the principles, and to explain them to the general population.

The fourth resolution states that festivals should be held regularly so the bonds of fraternity are strengthened.

The fifth and final resolution states that once the congress held in London has finished, a general meeting should be held by the society and their friends to consider what was said and to determine how the association should progress.


Stamped number: 732.