Letter from David Vines to Robert Owen

Scope and Content

Manuscript letter: Vines states he did not send a copy of the Reading Mercury newspaper as it did not contain any information regarding the debate between Owen and Legg. But it did contain a "short scurrilous article of its own full of every thing that was vile" against Owen. It also, according to Vines, "trumpeted up Mr. Legg and made him out almost superhuman."

Vines states that Legg appears apathetic towards publishing the debate, and he views this and the silence by the Reading Mercury as a sign of "a want of confidence in their own side."

As for the Berkshire Chronicle, Mr. Legg appears to be at odds with the editor due to his ill-treatment of the debate, and the editor is unwilling to cooperate with Legg because of this disagreement. But the editor is happy to give Owen all that the paper reported on the discussion. Vines suggests urging him to print the debate in its entirety in the newspaper, and to allow Owen to make a reply to the final address made by Legg, which he was stopped from doing.


Stamped number: 1087.