Letter from Alex Campbell to Robert Owen

Scope and Content

In this manuscript letter Campbell discusses a communication he received via Owen from "the Spirit of our Mutual friend J.P.G. [ James Pierrepont Greaves, who died in 1842 ]"; asks Owen if the "Medium has read the letters of Mr Greaves addressed to me [Campbell]", as they are written in the same style as Greaves' letters; requests any further "communications" from the same source.

A meeting to be held on 14th May is then discussed; Campbell writes that it should be a meeting for delegates, and that the "Apostles" should go among the people and prepare the way, or friends "from each locality" should send delegates; agrees that a meeting on the 1st May to prepare for the delegates would be wise, but fears that there will be no delegates at the meeting of the 14th - there in no means of organisation, such as the 'Rational Society'.


Stamped number: 2359