Letter from Geo. A. Fleming to Robert Owen

Scope and Content

Manuscript letter opening with Fleming informing Owen 'they' have decided against taking a room at the museum [on Temple Row, Birmingham] to deliver lectures. Fleming believes "cant and religious intolerance" is at play in " freeenlightened and liberal Birmingham"; there is only one way in which Owen can deliver a course of lectures in Birmingham, and that is by having an Institution of their own as "every engine that bigotry can bring into play is at use in this town".

Fleming writes of his anger at some of the views propounded by "friends"; he marks them as "onesided", "shortsighted" and unable to accept the value of public opinion.

Closes by writing of receiving letters from Manchester which are described as "truly deplorable"; an immediate change in policy is needed there else "destruction to that portion of both the Association [of all Classes of All Nations] and [National] Community [Friendly] Society is inevitable".


Stamped number: 1076

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