Letter from Wm. Clegg to Robert Owen, copy of letter from William Pare to William Clegg

Scope and Content

This item consists of two manuscript letters, one written by Clegg to Owen and one a copy of a letter sent by William Pare to Clegg.

The letter from Clegg to Owen opens by referring to a visit by Owen to Huddersfield, noting that Owen's "arrival at that moment would raise the spirits of the Unionists, & will prove the means of I [Clegg] hope of encouraging them to maintain the stand they have taken". Discussion is then of a proposed visit by Owen to Todmorden, [Yorkshire] to meet Mr [John] Fielden; Owen should arrive Thursday or Friday and Clegg, accompanied by Mr [George] Brown, will arrive by coach from Manchester at 8pm Thursday.

Clegg closes by referring to the the letter he received from Mr [William] Pare, explaining that he has sent Owen a copy " it being so full of good news".

In his letter to Clegg, Pare outlines the events since his arrival in Ireland which he describes as being of a "most satisfactory character"; the subject of Labour Exchanges has been so warmly received that Pare writes he "could pay attention to it for the next six months" and that there would "not be a principal town in Ireland without its Branch labour Exchange". Pare writes of his travels around Ireland, and of being introduced to "Gentlemen of great respectability & influence" all of whom are in favour of labour Exchanges and willing to help in the establishing of them and tells of already setting up an Exchange in Limerick.

Pare closes by discussing his intentions of returning to England the following week and, on arriving in Liverpool, that he hopes to meet Owen and Mr [John] Finch.


Stamped number: 612