Leaflet and press clipping from George Jacob Holyoake to Robert Owen

Scope and Content

The leaflet is for upcoming Sunday evening lectures to be given between July and August, held by the Unitarian Society at the Hall of Science, near Finsbury Square. Holyoake has arranged to give a lecture entitled, Moral Remains of the Old Testament, on 2nd August.

Also found on the leaflet, a lecture has been arranged by a Mr. Shorter for 18th July, entitled: Ancient and Modern Slavery, including (if then made known) an Examination of the Reason why Robert Dale Owen has recently Voted for Slavery in America.

The press-clipping is from issue 41 of The Reasoner, and is from a section entitled, Weekly Letter. One part of the clipping has been highlighted and reads: "It is worth a ten miles walk to gaze on Charles Knight. You wonder how all that critical knowledge which he displays ever got into his fresh, hale, father like face and grey head. He looks more like a nice fireside old English gentleman than the Prince of Literary Gossips. He said -"I was accustomed twenty-five years ago to meet, with others, a gentleman whose benevolence and perseverance we all admire, though we dissent from many things connected with his views. We used to talk about how these kind of meetings were to be brought into existence. He was unto us as a master. The gentleman I refer to is Robert Owen." This was received with cheers by the assembly. When so many drivellers in genius and station are afraid to mention the name of Owen, it was very noble in Charles Knight to bear such honourable testimony to his name in the hearing of 1600 of metropolitans and fashionables. And there must be more than meets the eye in the old man to win such respectful remembrance from those by whom it is priceless honour to be remembered."


Stamped number: 1483